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Ideas on Using the Video to Take Action

(1) Organize a public showing and discussion of The Last Epidemic. Here's an outline of a potential program and a script for pre- and post-showing comments.

(2) Distribute copies of “The Last Epidemic” along with supporting literature and documentation to educators, government representatives, local peace organizations and activists, and friends across the country who can pass on the word.

(3) Educate yourselves about the current legislative and funding proposals before Congress in support of “new generation” of “small, useable” nuclear weapons. See (Friends Committee on National Legislation) and (Physicians for Social Responsibility) both of whom have excellent, up-to-date information and help in this area.

(4) Sponsor a letter writing campaign to your government representatives and your local media opposing efforts to fund, develop, or produce a new generation of “useable” nuclear weapons.

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