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You Can Help Stop the Next Nuclear Arms Race

The Next Nuclear Arms Race?
Did you know that the Bush Administration is preparing the way for the development and possible use of “small” tactical nuclear weapons? (1)
Using the term “small” to define a nuclear bomb is an unconscionable ploy to deceive citizens that these weapons will be safe. Most of us have no idea of the destructive power of nuclear weapons, or what thermonuclear destruction would mean to this earth and to life on it.

What is “The Last Epidemic,” and How Can It Help?
“The Last Epidemic: Medical Consequences of Nuclear Weapons and Nuclear War” is a thirty minute video that defines and demonstrates the horror of a nuclear attack. Based on a conference held by Physicians for Social Responsibility, it features excerpts from the presentations and documentary footage of the attacks on Hiroshima and the results of nuclear explosions at the Nevada test grounds.
Though the conference was held twenty years ago, the messages are still relevant. This video can help reawaken citizens and officials to the true horror of the government's nuclear proposals. This version of “The Last Epidemic” has been updated for the current nuclear threat — it's a tool that peace, environmental, and religious, groups concerned about nuclear proliferation shouldn't be without.

Now Available at Cost ($3 / copy)
We are making this $50.00 program available for $3/copy, in multiples of 10, to distribute the message as widely as possible. We want you to be able to use the video to educate citizens on these important issues. At $3/copy, you can afford to give copies to your friends, churches, synagogues, libraries, schools, and your representatives and senators, who, in the last analysis, must act to remove these weapons from the world.

Order “The Last Epidemic” Now

1. San Francisco Chronicle “Resurgence of Nuclear Labs : Scientists design new weapons for terror war, plan new underground tests.

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